from mud to Mom - the atheist's reality

Richard Dawkins is right

we are descended from

worms descended from pond scum

gorillas are our cousins

we are the end result of random genetic mutations adapting to the environment better than other random genetic mutations

no intelligence was involved in our "design"

beyond survival and procreation, there is no meaning or purpose to our existence


we are a cosmic accident, a fluke

we are made of the same stuff as stars; but just by accident

there is no connection, no relevance, no participation... just "the knowledge"

just a desperate grasping at stardust

because there is nothing else


everything came from nothing,
for no reason

we are going nowhere,
except the grave

our thoughts and emotions are merely electrochemical processes

our character and personality are just bits of the cellular mush that is our brain


right and wrong, good and bad are relative concepts

as is truth

they are evolving


morality is a matter of opinion

love and compassion are electrochemical signals in brain cells that evolved to further the cause of our species
nothing deeper, nothing higher, nothing more


there is an eternity behind us that we were not part of

there is an eternity ahead of us that we will not be part of

in a few months, years or decades we will be dust

soon after that, most of us will be forgotten

this applied to our ancestors

this will apply to our descendants

there is no life after death

just dust


death is the end of an ultimately pointless life

there is no hope beyond this dying world

we have no destiny, no destination

except decay, death, dust


the Bible is just another book


God is make-believe


this is reality


why bother





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