Who, or What, is God?

We know very little about God i.e. about what constitutes His being.
We know that He is "eternal", that He has always existed ("self-existent"), however we can't comprehend infinity.
We know that He is "spirit", but the spiritual dimension is a mystery.
We know that He is "one", but that He is also three eternally co-existing and equal spiritual Persons; generally referred to as the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. The triune (three in one) "Godhead" is also a mystery and one that I'm looking forward to exploring.
A triune God, or "Trinity", fits perfectly with all the other pieces. See why here.
Even though we know so little about God, He has given us enough to know His heart, His character, what motivates Him, and even His personality.
He has given us more than enough for us to know the truth of 1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16 ..."God is love."...
Note that it doesn’t say God is loving or that God loves; it says He is love.
That is a noun, not an adjective.
That is who God is.
Think about it.
I am a human.
God is love.
This "agape" love is not the fickle, corrupted, self-centred, Hollywood-style "love" that pervades our culture.
(Romantic love though, in its pure form, is one of God’s gifts).
God’s love is faithful, selfless, self-sacrificing, other-centred, unconditional.
This love seeks the welfare only of others, not of Himself.
This love is all give, and no take.
This love is impartial, has no bias, shows no favouritism.
There is absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us more.
There is absolutely nothing we can do to make God love us less.
God loves everyone the same.
However He hates the evil in the world and in us because it hurts the ones He loves.
He yearns for lost humanity to turn to Him.

Jesus came to seek and save the lost.
God tore apart the family of Heaven to ensure that we, His creation, could be with Him forever as He originally intended.
God, in the Person of Jesus, put our salvation ahead of His own very existence.
The Creator of the universe put our lives ahead of His own life.
Jesus was prepared to cease to exist, to risk eternal extinction, in order that we might have eternal life.
Think about that.
That is the character of our God.
That is who He is.
That is the central piece in the picture of God around which all the other pieces fit.

I highly recommend the David Asscherick series - "God?".
His insights and perspectives on who God is and what He's all about will change your thinking.
I'd be happy to send you the series on flash drive/USB stick; just request via the Contact page.