which Church?

So many Christian denominations... 

So many Christian denominations... 

I chose to join the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Who are they?

I asked that question several years ago. 

Now I am one... after being a skeptic and agnostic all my life. 


Because I could tick all the boxes:

1. Sola Scriptura

Adventist beliefs are based on the Bible and the Bible alone.

The whole Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

If anyone can show me a church that follows the Bible more closely, I will leave my church and go there.

Adventist beliefs are not fixed in cement.

As shown by the church’s history, we are open to further light from God’s word as we are led by the Holy Spirit.

2. A Coherent and Consistent Message

The Adventist message to the world is coherent, cohesive and consistent.

It presents the true character of God as portrayed in His word, the Bible.

It has clarity because the Bible has clarity, when properly studied and understood.

It has the "ring of truth" because it is the truth.

We allow the Bible to interpret itself so that everything fits together in perfect harmony, as God intended.

From lifelong skeptic and agnostic, coming from outside the Adventist church, I now see clearly that this church has the true and complete picture of God’s character.

Show me a church that has a better understanding of the Bible and a clearer Biblical picture of God and I will join that church; simple as that.

3. Non-exclusivity

I would not join a church that was arrogant or "holier-than-thou" in any way.

We believe that God has people in all churches.

No one church has a monopoly on salvation.

We believe that there are numerically more people outside our church who will be in Heaven than inside our church.

All churches are made up of imperfect people, and we are certainly no different in that respect.

4. Holistic approach to well-being

The Bible tells us that we were made in the image of God, and that we are the "temple of the Holy Spirit".

We have a responsibility to care for our mental, physical and spiritual well-being. 

A holistic approach to sharing the Gospel message has been the focus of the Adventist church since its inception over 150 years ago.

This approach has been manifest in a comprehensive health message, much of which was more than 100 years ahead of its time.

U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin praised the Adventist Church’s focus on holistic well-being

The word HEALTH comes from a root word that also means "WHOLE" and "HOLY"!

5. Jesus our Example

We balance and complement the Gospel (good news) message with significant humanitarian, health care and educational enterprises.

As disciples of Jesus, we follow His example, no-one else's. 

Martin Luther King, Jr puts it quite well:

"The gospel at its best deals with the whole man, not only his soul but his body, not only his spiritual well-being, but his material well being. Any religion that professes to be concerned about the souls of men and is not concerned about the slums that damn them, the economic conditions that strangle them and the social conditions that cripple them is a spiritually moribund religion awaiting burial."

6. Structure & Unity
The Adventist church has a global structure that works extremely well, considering the diversity of countries, cultures and languages.

Finances and church administration are handled openly and transparently.

The highest standards of integrity and oversight are applied to all areas of church activity (but we're far from perfect).

Our beliefs, structure and a shared vision for global mission unify around 18 million church members.

Of course, as in any organisation, differences do arise, and humans make mistakes, however the bedrock of our 28 fundamental beliefs*, based solely on the Bible, anchors us all on common ground and keeps the church united and moving forward as one.
(Yes, 28 is a big number however they can be condensed into 6 categories; God, man, salvation, the church, the Christian life and last day events. 28 is scary; 6, not so much.)

The quarterly Sabbath School Bible Study Guide, for instance, is common to all church members globally.

7.+ See my Church

* The name "Seventh-day Adventist" encompasses the scope of the Bible from the Creation week in Genesis (God rested on the Seventh-day "Sabbath") to the return (Advent) of Jesus in Revelation.
Jesus kept the Biblical Sabbath; He also said He would return...which church would Jesus attend today?