What went wrong?

Everything was perfect in the beginning, so what went wrong?
Adam and Eve were created to live for eternity with God, so what went wrong?
Lucifer went wrong, and then Adam and Eve went wrong, that’s what...or who...went wrong.
We’ve all heard the story and yes it actually happened as described in the Bible; on this subject it’s the only piece that fits, and it fits perfectly.

In brief, here's what happened:
God created Lucifer (Latin "morning star", lit. "light-bringing") as a perfect, beautiful, high-ranking angel.
(Yes there is a hierarchy in Heaven, however it’s a hierarchy based on love, respect and reverence, not power or status-seeking. It’s the natural order of things in the best possible sense).
Lucifer became dissatisfied with his position and wanted to be even higher up and have a position next to God, or thereabouts.
God, for good reason, couldn’t allow this.
Lucifer reacted by publicly casting doubt on God’s good character, motives and methods of government and incited discontent and rebellion against God amongst the other angels.
There was "war" in Heaven.
(The Greek word suggests it was more of a heated political war of words).
Lucifer and his followers lost, unsurprisingly, and they were cast down to earth (lucky us).
Lucifer, now Satan (lit. "adversary", "one who plots against another"), tempted Eve with the fruit of the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil". Gen 3:1-6
God had told Adam and Eve that they may eat from any tree in the garden except one. He warned them that they would die if they ate from that tree.
Satan very cleverly placed doubt in Eve’s mind about God’s motives concerning His instruction not to eat from the one tree. He portrayed God as not wanting the very best for them, as He was withholding from them this beautiful fruit i.e. God is less than perfectly generous, indeed He is selfish.
Satan said they wouldn’t die, rather they "will be like God, knowing good and evil" i.e God is a liar and He wants to keep His own position secure.
He subtly caused Eve to doubt God’s word and His warning, and he cast aspersions on God’s very character.
Satan succeeded in destroying the true picture of God in Eve's mind.
(As Solomon said: "there is nothing new under the sun" Ecc 1:9).
Eve chose to trust Satan more than God and she ate the fruit.
(The Bible doesn’t call it an apple).
Adam chose to follow Eve’s example.
Adam and Eve’s close, intimate relationship with God ended. This manifested in their losing their covering robes of innocence and purity, and their eternal life.
Everything changed, for the worse, from that moment.
Sin (evil) entered the world, and with it came suffering, decay, and death.
There now entered predators and prey; thorns and thistles; toil and woe.
Time passed and the human race went so far downhill ("the wickedness of man was great" and every intent was "only evil continually") that God decided to start again, so He brought on the global flood and preserved only 8 people.

God didn’t create evil.
God created Lucifer.
Lucifer chose to rebel against God's government; he chose pride, personal ambition and self-seeking over his Creator’s perfect love.
Adam and Eve chose to listen to Lucifer and also rebel against God and so passed on a sinful nature to all their descendants.
Here we are.

God’s justice is fair. He wants the best for us, however sin hurts His children. So there must be a price to pay for wrongdoing, otherwise anarchy would reign and no-one would be safe.
God is just.
This element of God’s character fits our picture perfectly.