What Happens When We Die?

Where are they now?
- in Heaven?
- in "limbo"?
- in "purgatory"?
- in "hell"?
- disintegrated bodily, but with their "soul" in another place?
- non-existent for eternity future in any form; their constituent particles returned to the earth?
Have you any idea?
How would you comfort the parents? What would you say to them? Could you say anything at all?
Amazingly, the truth would give them comfort. The truth would give them the certainty that they can see their children again. The truth is much better than they think. The truth is beautiful beyond words.
The parents' tragedy, although also beyond words, need be only temporary.

Whether you believe in the God of the Bible or not, which "God" would you prefer to believe in:

God A
The children, although they perished physically, still exist in the mind of God. In human terms they are in a dreamless sleep, not conscious or aware in any sense, and their next waking moment will be at the return of Jesus, when they will be re-created with perfect, "glorified", immortal bodies, and re-united with their loved ones.


God B
The children are either:-
- in Heaven with millions or billions of others, fully aware that their parents and relatives back here on earth are suffering enormous grief over their deaths, and unable to communicate* with or comfort them in any way.
*"Communication" with the deceased is a deception, however that's another study.
- because they were not baptised as infants, or due to their parents' lack of "good works", in some state of "limbo" or "purgatory", awaiting release to Heaven (or hell) at some indeterminate time.
- in "hell", to be suffering forever whatever torture or torment that involves.


God A or God B?

We not only struggle to make sense of this world with its suffering and random tragedies, but most of us have no clear idea of what happens to us when we die.
Atheists of course have their idea; we cease to exist in any form whatsoever, for eternity.
Let’s however look at reality:
The Bible describes death as being like a dreamless sleep.
The body disintegrates, but God puts into His memory, or "database" as it were, each person’s character, personality, mind, emotions (i.e. our psyche or "spirit" as the Bible refers to it), as well as our (perfected) physiology - in essence, all that the person is - so that He can re-create that person when the time comes.
The children (themselves bodily or their "soul") are not with the angels.
They are not themselves angels.
They are not in Heaven looking down on their grieving family (that would make them so sad!).
They are not up there with a bunch of strangers (albeit nice ones), all the while missing their parents so, so much.
They are not in some intermediate place (e.g "purgatory").
God is not cruel. He doesn’t work that way.
The Bible is clear on this.
They are, as it were, sleeping.
Their next conscious thought will be when Jesus returns and re-creates (resurrects), with perfect, "glorified" bodies, all those who are "asleep" and saved, including all the innocent children, to be reunited (we hope and trust in this case) with their parents.
Those of us still living, and saved, will also receive glorified, immortal bodies to join the resurrected saved and we will all head for Heaven together!
Imagine the peace and comfort that the Maslin family would have if they knew the truth. 
If they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they will be assured of being re-united with their children, for an eternity of wonders together that they can’t even begin to imagine.
Including back on a perfect, re-made Earth!
An Earth with no sadness, no sorrow, no conflict, no sickness, no suffering, no death.
This is simple, beautiful Biblical truth; this is reality.
This is another piece of the true picture of God.
It fits perfectly...