Before I was converted, praying in public would have been among my worst nightmares.

Now I’m comfortable with it.

Only God could perform a miracle like that.

The Bible is God’s primary means of communicating with us.

Prayer is our primary means of communicating with God.

Jesus prayed - a lot.

How much more than Jesus do we need to pray?

If we don’t ask, God can’t answer.

Sincere prayer always achieves results; not always the results we want, but always the results we need.

God looks at the big picture of our lives, the end from the beginning, and uses His perfect wisdom, judgment and timing in answering our prayers.

Genuine, heartfelt prayer, in faith, brings peace of mind.

Prayer is basic to a meaningful relationship with God.

Prayer is one thing of which we cannot do too much.

My prayer life has its ups and downs.

One thing I have learnt, through long experience, is that prayer is the only way to stay "connected" to God.

I’ve only recently got into the habit of starting the day with prayer; say 10-20 minutes. More is better.

This has made a big difference; I am closer to God because it, and isn’t that what it’s all about?