It's my mission to share with you the Gospel (good news) of God’s true character, to clear a path through all the religious confusion, division and conflict, and present the true picture of God.

The true picture of God will free you from:

- pagan religious observances

- grossly ornate ceremonies

- idol worship

- meaningless mantras

- unintelligible babble

- self-hypnotic mumbo-jumbo

- diluted and distorted doctrines

- pernicious prosperity preaching*

- "sow a seed" solicitations

-"anointing" absurdities

- greed disguised as the gospel

and all the other Biblically-false practices that pretend to be truth but are actually designed to keep us in the dark and obscure reality.

My motivation is from a God who is beautiful beyond words, whose love for us is real and so amazing that it seems too good to be true.

This world is in a mess and we are all in the middle of it, one way or another. Pain, sorrow, sickness, suffering and death will remain for us all until Jesus returns.

However God has given us a drug-free escape from the feelings of despair and hopelessness which affect us all to some extent at various times.

If we fully surrender to Him, He will give us comfort in our pain, peace amongst the conflict, strength to overcome our addictions, real meaning and purpose in a world of materialism, the assurance of a glorious future, and answers to our most profound questions.

*Did the apostles and Paul have comfortable lives on this earth? Hardly. God doesn't promise Christians comfortable lives, financially or in any other physical or material sense. It just doesn't work that way.

Finding answers to the big questions does not require making simple things complicated, clear things confused and black and white things grey.

God is not a God of confusion. 

He wants everyone to know Him. 

It’s our heart responding to God’s heart that will change us, not our minds.

Having said that, God appeals to our minds as well. 

He wants us to think, to reason and to be convicted of the truth of His character in our mind and our heart.  

The only person who can reveal God to you is God Himself.

God will make sure you know the truth about Him, however only if you give Him the opportunity.

He is eager for every one of us to turn to Him and to know Him, free from all the confusion and misrepresentation of His character.

There are millions of websites and billions of words about God out there.

How can we know the simple truth, for Heaven's sake?

God made it easy to find.
It's we who've made it difficult.

You might not accept what I have to say, but give God a fair hearing.

It is God who will convince you of the truth; not me, not yourself, nor anyone else.

It is God who will change you; not me, not yourself, nor anyone else. 

When you don’t know whether God exists or not, you won’t accept His existence until He reveals himself to you beyond any doubt.

He can only reveal himself to you if you ask Him, with an honest, open mind and heart.

Unless God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit) has entry to your heart and mind, all this will be just "foolishness".
1 Cor 2:14

The truth of God’s character is the most beautiful and the most powerful truth in the universe;

God’s character as personified in Jesus, demonstrated by His life, displayed in Gethsemane and confirmed on the Cross.

In the presentation below, David Asscherick explains how we can "know" that God exists.