Adventist Media

Adventist media span the globe with satellite, TV, radio, internet and literature ministries to present the beautiful and powerful truth of God's character of love and His plan of salvation through Jesus.
Here is a selection:

Adventist World Radio
Making waves around the world where no missionary can go.

Amazing Discoveries
Yes, another "amazing", however not related. Information on a range of  subjects. Use discretion.

Short but enlightening.

Discovery Courses
A variety of topics.

Signs of the Times
Christian lifestyle. Light and easy.

Signs Publishing Company: an insight into this publishing ministry.

Adventist World
Inspiring reading.

The Adventist Review seeks to represent, advance and articulate the church.

ARTV has a library of videos covering many topics. Definitely worth a browse.

ADVindicate takes a biblical look at trending Seventh-day Adventist issues.

The official news magazine of the Adventist church in the South Pacific.

Giving light to our world, one page at at time.

Adventist Media Network in the South Pacific.