Seventh-day Adventists on average live significantly longer, healthier lives than the general population.
The church operates the world's largest Protestant health network through our 198 hospitals and sanitariums, 133 nursing homes and retirement centers and 329 clinics and dispensaries.
For over 140 years our holistic health message has been an integral part of sharing the gospel (literally "good news") of Jesus with the world.
Cutting-edge medical research, high quality medical care and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle combine to improve the quality of life of millions around the world.

Dr Ross Grant is a scientist who researches ageing and disease processes at the molecular level. These talks (below) are worth a look if you're interested in living a longer and healthier life.

At Sydney Adventist Hospital, our Mission, “Christianity in Action”, defines who we are, what we stand for, and our reason for being here – creating and fostering an environment that guides our work to show that we care for our patients, our colleagues, our community, and ourselves.

Sanitarium  On the outside, we may seem like just another food company. But on the inside, we're a lot more than that. We're a group of people who believe passionately in the potential of every Australian.  The potential to be healthy: physically, mentally and emotionally.

Your Best Pathway to Health is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the physical needs of the under-served by providing entirely free mobile multi-specialty clinics that offer medical, surgical, dental, eye care, and other critical services.

Loma Linda
Mission: To continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ.
Vision: Innovating excellence in Christ-centered health care.

Values: Compassion - Reflecting the love of God through caring, respect, and empathy.
Integrity - Ensuring our actions are consistent with our values.
Excellence - Providing care that is safe, reliable, efficient, and patient-centered.
Teamwork - Collaborating to achieve a shared purpose.
Wholeness - Embracing a balanced life that integrates mind, body, and spirit.

CHIP   Complete Health Improvement Program.


Facts with Hope brings to you evidence-based principles for better health and wellbeing.

Adventist Health Studies

Read about what's termed the "Adventist Advantage" as evidenced by major health studies supporting the multiple benefits of the Adventist lifestyle.


We are also one of the Blue Zones


and mentioned in the National Geographic


Here are some good Health & Wellbeing courses.