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An Epic Story
The ‘Beyond The Search’ documentary series explores some of life’s biggest questions, including: Why do we have pain and suffering? What happens when we die?
Included in the boxed set are 14 episodes and over 12 hours of additional content.

A New Perspective
Filmed across Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific, Beyond the Search gives a new perspective on current world events and our role in them.
Winner of 14 international film awards, Beyond the Search was also selected by the United Nations for the Global Wake-Up film festival.

Explore Further
Included on the DVDs is the Explore series that further investigates the themes of the feature documentaries. This round table discussion program uses personal stories and insights from many different individuals to more deeply explore and understand those themes.

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(*This offer is available in Australia only and is not available to Adventist church members or their families.)