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The subject of Ellen White can be difficult, problematic, and a "stumbling block", even among Adventists. Below are some articles that help establish context. To reach the truth of the matter, you'll need to keep an open mind until you have properly weighed all the evidence. I did, and I accept her in the role that she described for herself i.e. a lesser light leading us to the Greater Light.

Witness of God's Love   (PDF here )

Ellen G. White and Adventist Fundamental Beliefs   (PDF here)

Establishing the Church on Solid Ground   (PDF here)

The Work Of A True Prophet   (PDF here)

Was Ellen White Right?

Support From Unexpected Places

Ellen G. White was one of the church founders and wrote many letters, articles and books on a wide variety of spiritual, health and other topics.
I’ve found that her religious writings point me to Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, and uphold the Bible as the sole and ultimate authority on all things concerning God.
Yes, we believe that she was inspired by God, as were many earlier reformers and founders of other denominations.
Some of this inspiration was in a dramatic form, with her receiving many visions.
Unfortunately, she is controversial.
The debate over her is rather like the creation vs. evolution debate.
We all have the same evidence; the biases and presuppositions we bring to the debate will influence the position we take.
We can believe she was deluded and/or a false prophet, or we can believe she was a frail, fallible and imperfect person with little formal education who was raised up by God at a special time in history to give special end-time messages to God’s people.
The church does not put her on the same level as a Bible prophet.
The entire Bible was divinely inspired, however we do not claim that Ellen White’s entire collection of writings were divinely inspired in the same sense.
The spiritual gift of prophecy is a Biblical reality (Fundamental Belief #18) and certainly her prophetic dreams and visions and the resultant writings were divinely delivered and inspired.
(Prophecy is not just about telling the future; it is also the relaying of God’s will and mediating with His people on God’s behalf).
You be the judge.
I believe we should give God the opportunity to enlighten us about her, one way or another.
I know her best through her books.
I recommend that you read some before you form an opinion either way.
Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, Acts of the Apostles, The Great Controversy, to mention a few I’ve enjoyed.

There is so much criticism of this woman (even some from within her own church) that it makes me wonder.
You’ll find websites dedicated to tearing her apart.
She wrote some things e.g. in the field of health, which might sound strange, even absurd to us today.
It is amazing however how, as time goes on, her health messages are increasingly being validated through medical research (see below).
The Bible tells us we will know the genuine Christian by their "fruits" i.e. by the results of their ministry.
I’ll leave it to you to decide whether the fruits of Mrs White’s life and ministry are those of a true disciple of Christ or not.
You can download her entire published writings for free.
What I do know is that her writings on Jesus have inspired me to want to be closer to Him and to know Him better.
That’s good enough for me.
The Bible is my ultimate authority and absolute standard of truth regarding God, as it was for Ellen White.
Ellen White helps bring the Bible to life and me closer to God.

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A good resource which includes responses to the various criticisms is the Ellen G. White Estate.

A few days after the death of Ellen White the following article appeared in the local newspaper of the California town, Saint Helena, near which she had lived for fifteen years:

“By the death of Mrs. Ellen G. White, a noted religious leader has been called to her reward.

“Mrs. White was probably one of the best-known women in the world. She had travelled extensively, had lectured to large audiences in many countries, and her writings had been published in various languages carrying to people of nearly all tongues the message she felt called upon by God to deliver.

“The life of Mrs. White is an example worthy of emulation by all. Though of limited education, for the greater part of her long life in poor health, she never faltered, but for seventy-two years carried and preached the message of Jesus Christ, as understood by her, to the furthermost corners of the earth. She was a humble, devout disciple of Christ and ever went about doing good. Her writings have been published in books, papers and periodicals and from her prolific pen has come writings on many religious topics. She was revered* by all the members of the Seventh Day Adventist church and honoured and respected by all who appreciate noble womanhood consecrated to unselfish labour for the uplifting and betterment of mankind. Her death marks the calling of another noted leader of religious thought and one whose almost ninety years were full to overflowing with good deeds, kind words and earnest prayers for all mankind.

“This good Samaritan will surely be greatly missed. Her reward will be commensurate with the great good she has done.”—Saint Helena, California, Star, July 23, 1915. 

(*The use of the word "revered" is understandable, however is inappropriate. It portrays the church as somewhat cultish when it is, in fact, nothing of the sort. “Highly respected", as God’s messenger, would be accurate. Ellen White would be horrified if people put her on a pedestal, or "revered". She always deflected attention away from herself to Jesus. She described herself as a lesser light pointing to the Greater Light, Christ).

PDF    here

Ellen White’s vision for Adventist education.   (PDF here)   
From the very beginning of the church’s global education initiative, the leading voice in providing the conceptual foundation and projecting the vision of Adventist education was a woman who did not have extensive formal schooling but who was well read - Ellen White.
She wrote extensively on the subject and published two books: Education (1903) and Counsels to Parents, Teachers and Students (1913).


19 Mar, 2012.
The Archives of Internal Medicine—a journal produced by the American Medical Association—has reported this month eating a lot of red meat may shorten your life.
Red meat is linked with increased risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some cancers in other studies, researchers reported.
The finding comes after the diets of more than 121,000 middle-aged men and women were tracked for up to 28 years. During this period, almost 24,000 of the study participants died. Nearly 6,000 of the deaths were from cardiovascular disease and more than 9,000 were from cancer. 
“This is a highly relevant study,” said Dr. Ross Grant, CEO of the Australasian Research Institute located at Sydney Adventist Hospital. “While the article stopped short of saying red meat was causal, this association is not surprising given that red meat contains a number of compounds linked to development of cardiovascular disease and cancer, including saturated fat, nitrites and even increased ‘free’ iron which can promote significant free radical damage.”
It was calculated for every daily serving of red meat the risk of dying increased by 12 percent. Processed red meat products are even more dangerous, with each additional daily serving associated with a 20 percent higher risk of dying.
Researchers also found substituting other healthier protein sources significantly reduce mortality risks. Risk of death decreased by 7 percent for fish, 14 percent for poultry, 19 percent for nuts, 10 percent for legumes, 10 percent for low-fat dairy products and 14 percent for whole grains.
Dr Chester Kuma, Associate Director of the South Pacific Division’s Adventist Health Department, was not surprised by the results of the studies.

“The Church, since it’s inception in the mid 1800s, and especially after Ellen White’s vision, has maintained that meat is dangerous for health,” said Dr Kuma. “We have always stood for an ovo-vegetarian diet. We have been preaching this for 150 years. Science has just now confirmed it.”