Does Hell Exist?

In a; at least not in the commonly-accepted sense of a place of eternal burning and/or torment.
Our God is not going to burn, or torment, or whatever, anyone forever;
and He’s not doing it now.
This is clearly presented in the Bible when you examine all the relevant passages and let the Bible interpret itself.
The idea of an eternally burning "hell" has its roots in paganism.
There is a judgment, and there will be a "lake of fire" that will consume the "wicked" (the lost) who will be "ashes", and who will cease to exist, in any form, forever.
No-one however will burn, be tormented, or in any way be punished for eternity.
All the dead (except for a select few in Heaven, but that’s another study) are "asleep". 
Only a cruel, loveless, sadistic, vindictive "god" would punish someone forever for an unrepented sin or for not responding to the Holy Spirit’s appeal to their conscience.
That’s not our God. 
Our God is merciful and compassionate, even to those who mocked Him, spat on Him, shredded His back and nailed Him, naked, to a rough wooden Cross.
That’s another piece that fits perfectly.

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