A big piece of the picture.

1. How?

You tell me.

The Bible says He "spoke" the universe into existence.

He used His "power", His "wisdom", His "understanding".

This is obviously beyond human understanding.

I look forward to understanding a lot more in the millennia to come.

2. When?

As far as life on earth is concerned, in 6 days, around 6,000 years ago.

The Bible is quite clear on this.

Most Hebrew scholars agree that the writer of Genesis clearly intended the six days of creation to mean six literal 24-hour days. 

The remainder of the Bible overwhelmingly supports this exegesis (interpretation).

If we trust that God doesn’t want to mislead us, then we did not "evolve" from molecules over billions of years.

God created a literal Adam and Eve, and all of His creation was perfect.

God didn’t compromise by using "theistic evolution", "progressive creation", or a "gap" or "staircase" mechanism over millions of years.

I believe we must not compromise either.

If we accept any flavour of molecules-to-man evolution, then we must accept a less-than-perfect, even dishonest god.

If we dismiss Biblical creation, we logically must dismiss the Bible.

Biblical creation is the foundation on which sits the Gospel (the good news).

Biblical creation is the only piece that fits perfectly the picture of a perfect God. 

That’s where I came from.

3. WHY?

To me, the WHY of Creation was one of the bigger pieces of the picture.

Why did God create us?

The answer is simple, yet profoundly beautiful.

God’s character, His very essence, is outward-focused, other-centred love.

(This can be difficult to relate to, but it’s a fact. To me, it’s mind-boggling.)

God is therefore a relational Being.

He created us in order to share His love with us, in a personal and eternal relationship.

A totally selfless motive for our creation.

"Wow", I thought, when the penny dropped.

That’s why I’m here!