My personal story is unremarkable. What's remarkable is what I've found.
In brief, however:
I'm married with two children. Like everyone else, we've had our problems and have the baggage to show for them. In the big picture, however, you could say we are relatively fortunate. These days, I'm trying to always look at the big picture. For me, it's the only way to stay sane in this crazy world.
I was raised an Anglican and went to a Uniting Church school, however I knew nothing about God, whether He even existed, and next to nothing about the Bible.
After leaving home, church was not a part of my life, except for weddings and funerals.
Only in recent years did I start looking at the bigger picture, and God took the opportunity to gradually make Himself known to me; sometimes with a quiet word, sometimes with a hammer.
Still, I sat on the fence for several years looking around at all the new scenery before I made the decision to surrender my life to God and join the Seventh-day Adventist Church(!).
What originally presented as an impossible leap of faith over a yawning chasm of ignorance, doubt and skepticism was by then only a small step over a few immaterial issues.
I was convinced, convicted, converted.
No coercion, no brain-washing, no naivety, no gullibility.
My eyes were opened, my thinking transformed.
I had found true reality and it changed everything.
To be continued...