Baby food

Several years ago, when I had accepted the possibilty, then the probability, of the existence of the God of the Bible, I asked Him for two specific supernatural signs to confirm everything. 
It’s too embarassing to say what they were.
This went on for a while; I really pestered God with this request.
I didn’t tell anyone else about the signs for which I was asking.
In the end, He didn’t give me the signs in the way I had asked.
He had my children draw them.
One day as I was walkng past the table where my son was drawing he suddenly lifted up the drawing he was working on and held it toward me.
He had never done that before and has never since.
It was a drawing of the first sign I had asked for. 
My son did not know I was asking for a sign.
The other one turned up in a drawing later.
Believe it or not, it happened.
When we are "baby" Christians, and even before we are "born again" but are seeking, God will help us to grow in faith with a silly prayer answered here, a small sign there.
This is our "baby food" and take it from me, when these things happen you will be floored, ecstatic, joyful beyond belief (or at least I was).
Babies need to be spoon-fed with baby food and carefully nurtured in order to grow properly.
It’s the same way with how God grows us spiritually.
It’s terrific fun and can give you great moments of sheer joy and wonder.
At some stage, though, we need to be weaned off the baby food and stand on our own two feet.
It’s been a fantastic journey for me.
As time passes the journey gets more challenging but the relationship is deeper and more mature.
It’s as if God sits back and says "I’m still here, still with you, however it’s time for you to walk by faith, not by sight. I will direct your path however you must go forward on your own initiative" or something along those lines.
There are ups and downs, mountain tops and valleys along the way.
We need to grow and mature as Christians and this means there will be many lessons to learn.
Some lessons are hard, some are relatively easy. 
All God’s lessons are necessary, however, if we are to grow in our knowledge of, and relationship with Him.
Some of us take longer than others to learn.
Like me.
One thing I have learnt, am learning and will continue to learn for who knows how long:
Trust is the key.