The Trinity confirmed (for me, at least)

Since my conversion around 7 years ago, I have known the truth of the triune nature of the Godhead (one God in three equal, eternally-coexistent Persons) and how this fits perfectly with God's character.

The anti-trinitarian or non-trinitarian doctrine (AT/NT) purports that the Holy Spirit is not a separate and distinct Person of the Godhead but rather the spirit or power of the Father and/or Jesus, and that Jesus was in some way the literal "son" of the Father before His incarnation on earth and had "issued" from or was created by the Father at some point in the distant past.

(This doctrine has serious implications for God's character however I've dealt with that elsewhere.  I believe this doctrine is a device used by Satan to undermine the truth of God's character and thus further the devil's aims).

A family member had been influenced to believe in the AT doctrine so I was concerned that this person might be led astray in their Christian walk. I had never seen any good come from this doctrine and, to the contrary,  had seen division and strife arise through it. Tragically, it has led many good souls away from the true Gospel and has clouded their picture of God. 

God's confirmation to me of the truth of the triune Godhead and His revelation of how He views the AT doctrine happened this way:

About two years ago I was driving home from work and pondering, of all things, the appeal of personalized car number plates (not the deepest of thoughts, I admit).
I rather liked the idea of identifying myself as a Christian by including the numbers 777 on my plate (the appeal has since worn off).

7 is God's "number of perfection" and 777 would represent the three Persons of the Godhead i.e. the Trinity; one God in three Persons.
(Trinity is not a Biblical word however it is in common use and its broad meaning is widely acknowledged).

Since the thorny issue of the AT doctrine was in the back of my mind,  it occurred to me that a person of the AT persuasion would need to have only two 7s on their number plate representing God the Father and Jesus.

This line of thought led me at that moment to pray for two things:

1. For God to confirm that my understanding of the triune nature of the Godhead was correct.
2.  For Him tell me how seriously He regarded this whole AT doctrinal issue i.e. was it important to Him in the overall scheme of things?

Seconds after my first prayer, I heard a low-pitched, rumbling mechanical noise coming from the front left of my car.
Immediately I thought to look down at the dashboard to see if there were any warning lights.

No warning lights, however my eyes were drawn to the trip meter.

My focus was on the trip meter; I didn't register the odometer reading.

The trip meter* displayed these numbers.

"Ok, that fits." I thought. One God, three Persons.

After a few seconds recovering from the slight shock of this, I prayed my second request: "Lord, how seriously do you regard this AT business? What is your attitude to it?"

No car noise this time (there was no detectable mechanical fault), however my eyes were again drawn to the dashboard, this time the odometer caught my focus.

The odometer* displayed these numbers.

They leapt out at me:

One God, two Persons, _________!   [fill in the blank]. 

All this occurred within a few seconds and less than 100 metres.

I could not and would not concoct such a story.
(I would have used 177666 if I'd made it up).

Make of this what you will. 

It happened.

I know that it was not a coincidence.

*Here's a photo of my dash today; I didn't think to take a photo at the time although I wish I had! My son Photoshopped the numbers on the other images.