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The word "soon", in relation to Jesus' return, is used by many in the church including the GC President, pastors, and evangelists.

I question the wisdom of using this word in that context.

The word means imminent, in a short time, in the near future, at an early date.

In the context of 6,000 years or our own lifetime, it might well be relatively soon, then again it might not.

I opine that, to the average person, both inside and outside the church, the word "soon" in this context would denote a relatively short period of time in the timeline of their life. i.e. it defines a range or limit of a number of years. For the majority, this would be within 5,10, 20 years at an absolute maximum . Beyond this range would not be thought of as "soon". 50 years is not soon in this context, nor are 40, 30. 20 is a stretch.

It might be "soon" ( I hope it is) however it might not be.

Certainly there are signs however this old world could stumble along for many decades yet, conceivably into the next century. We have no way of knowing the timeline beyond. 1844. We recognise the signposts, yes, however these don't show the distance remaining, only that we are travelling on that road.

Anything to do with time , as the word soon is, is merely speculation. Hopeful, yes, but still speculation.

At best wishful thinking.

At worst date setting.

These are the facts as we know them:

Jesus will return.

Everyone's fate is sealed when they die, and in this dangerous, violent, and fallen world, this could be at any moment for anyone.

Jesus will come, sooner or later.

Let's not be soonsayers.

Let's get the message out; the message of the beautiful truth of God's character. The truth that was (and is) personified in Christ, revealed in His life, demonstrated in Gethsemane and confirmed on the Cross.

I thank Heaven I saw the light before I too became disillusioned.

The sooner we stop using the word soon , the better.

The signs of Jesus' return show the direction, not the distance.

We'll know well enough when it is soon when it is.

The true Gospel (the good news) is not about the when of Jesus’ return, it’s about Whom, why and wherefore.

The facts are that Jesus will return and this could be at any moment for any of us because, for all of us, He effectively returns when we die.
As we all know, we could die at any moment.....

Are you ready...?