The truth of God's character is the most beautiful, the most powerful truth in the universe.

He is the God I would have wished for, the best God imaginable.

Maybe He will be for you as well.

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Why should you read any further?
Why should you believe anything I say?

There are millions of websites and YouTube videos about God.
Why bother looking here?

All I can say is: why not?
You've nothing to lose.

If it's true, what do you have to gain?

  • How about finding true reality; the meaning of life, the universe, and yes, everything.

  • How about getting to actually know our God who is beautiful beyond words, whose love for us is infinite, eternal, and unconditional.

  • How about eternal life, in a perfect body, on a perfect earth, in a perfect universe, forever exploring and experiencing wonders beyond our imagination.

The universe can be our inheritance, literally.

We need only to claim it.

(forgive my shouting)

You wouldn't have to worry about this life, no matter how bad it gets!
The struggles of life can sometimes be overwhelming, however you can actually have peace of mind in the worst situations through knowing that everything will be perfect, forever, when Jesus returns, whether that's after you die or before.
If you surrender your life to God, His promises will help you cope with all your problems.
Yes, this world is a mess and your life might be also, however this is only TEMPORARY!

All this might sound too good to be true.

But it is true.


You don’t have to leave your rational, enquiring mind at the door; you can maintain your intellectual integrity.
If nothing else, consider this an opportunity to be intellectually honest and properly explore the issue before rejecting God’s existence.

(Even Professor Richard Dawkins admits he is not 100% sure that God does not exist.
During a recent debate with Dr Rowan Williams, then the Archbishop of Canterbury, it was put to Dawkins that he is described as the world’s most famous atheist.
"Not by me," he said.
"On a scale of seven, where one means I know he exists, and seven I know he doesn’t, I call myself a six."
He went on to say he was a "6.9", saying: "That doesn’t mean I’m absolutely confident, that I absolutely know, because I don’t.")

A few minutes on Wikipedia shows me how little I know...and how much I don't know.
This site is about what I do know i.e. what I know to be true.
I can't convince you that what I know to be true is actually true, to the point where you also know it to be true.
Even though I know the God of the Bible exists (I would literally bet my life on it), I can't make you know that.
I can't convince you by physical evidence, scholarly argument, great erudition, clever writing, deep philosophy or theology.
Those aren't required.
God yearns for everyone to know Him, and we can know Him only  through personal experience.
Finding the truth about God and the nature of reality is the ultimate experience.
It frees us from wanting to escape our earthbound "reality" through drugs and daydreaming because it is the best reality imaginable.

Big claims?
Can I convince you?
But God can.
And He will, if you ask Him and allow Him to.