This is a simple website presenting the simple truth.
You won't find deep theology or clever writing here.
We don't need them to find God.
He wants everyone to know Him as He really is, not as He is portrayed.

The truth of God's character is the most beautiful, the most powerful truth in the universe.
He is the God I would have wished for, the best God imaginable.
Maybe He will be for you as well.
The truth has been so clouded that most of us don’t have anything like the clear picture of God, or any picture at all, save one of division, confusion, and conflict.

Jigsaw Puzzle Fotolia.jpg

The picture of God that reveals His true character, and hence the nature of reality itself, is like a jigsaw puzzle.

If a piece doesn’t fit perfectly, then it doesn’t belong.
A wrong piece will confuse, mislead and discourage.
The purpose of this site is to help you find the right pieces so you can assemble the picture yourself and, on the way, find God.

Put all things to the test; keep what is good.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:21

The only person who can reveal God to us is God Himself.
He can fully reveal Himself to us only if we have the following:

  • an open mind
  • a willing heart
  • humility
  • sincerity
  • honesty
  • teachability

The Bible puts it this way:

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.
— Jeremiah 29:13

We also need to accept the existence of the supernatural.
There is more to reality than we experience through our physical senses. There is a spiritual dimension. We can't find God and actually know Him unless we accept this, because God is a spiritual being and it is God's Spirit (the Holy Spirit) who communicates with us.
I was a die-hard skeptic and agnostic and scoffed at all things "spiritual" and "supernatural".
Not any more.

God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.
— John 4:24
The unspiritual person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are spiritually discerned.
— 1 Corinthians 2:14


From Scientific American:
"For millennia, the greatest minds of our species have grappled to gain purchase on the vertiginous ontological cliffs of three great mysteries—consciousness, free will and God—without ascending anywhere near the thin air of their peaks. Unlike other inscrutable problems, such as the structure of the atom, the molecular basis of replication and the causes of human violence, which have witnessed stunning advancements of enlightenment, these three seem to recede ever further away from understanding, even as we race ever faster to catch them in our scientific nets."

No wonder, because spiritual things are spiritually discerned, and beyond the bounds of natural science and philosophy.

This article explains how God designed our "normal" state to be.

Can you place yourself in one of the six worldviews presented in the short video below?

My worldview, my view of reality, has in recent years been enlightened and expanded to encompass the nature of existence itself.
My big questions have been answered.
Reality is far better than I could have imagined.
Worth a look?
What do you have to lose?

If it's true, what do you have to gain?

  • How about finding true reality; the meaning of life, the universe, and yes, everything?
  • How about getting to actually know our God who is beautiful beyond words, whose love for us is infinite, eternal and unconditional?
  • How about eternal life, in a perfect body, on a perfect earth, in a perfect universe, forever exploring and experiencing wonders beyond our imagination?

The universe is our inheritance, literally.
We only need to claim it.

THINK ABOUT IT! (forgive my shouting)

You wouldn't have to worry about this life, no matter how lousy it is!
Life can be totally rotten now however you can actually have peace of mind through it all knowing that everything will be perfect, forever, when Jesus returns, whether that's after you die or before.
Also, if you surrender your life to God, He will help you cope with all your problems in this life.
Yes, this world is a mess and your life might be too, however this is only TEMPORARY!

All this might sound too good to be true.

But it is true.


A few minutes on Wikipedia shows me how little I know...and how much I don't know.
This site is about what I do know i.e. what I know to be true.
I can't convince you that what I know to be true is actually true, to the point where you also know it to be true.
Just like you can't know that I like avocados, in spite of all the evidence and argument that I might present.
You might be convinced into thinking and even acknowledging, based on the evidence, that I like avocados, however it isn't something that you could know, to the point where you would bet your life on it.
In the same way, even though I know the God of the Bible exists (I would literally bet my life on it), I can't make you know that.
We can know that God exists only  through personal experience.
So I'm not attempting to convince you by evidence or argument.
I'm simply presenting my experiences, what I've discovered.
I'm also presenting resources that I trust and that might help you find what I and many others have found.
It's the ultimate experience.
It frees us from wanting to escape our worldly "reality" through drugs and daydreaming because it is the best reality imaginable.

A big claim?
Can I convince you?
But God can.
And He will, if you ask Him and allow Him to.


Has God left a signature on His creation, on our hearts? What does the video below suggest to you?

In the presentation below, David Asscherick explains how we can "know" that God exists.