Why should you read any further?
Why should you believe anything I say?

There are millions of websites and YouTube videos about God.
Why bother looking here?

All I can say is: why not?
You've nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Whether you're a believer or not, you will find answers.

...Your word is truth
— John 17:17

The Bible is our story, from beginning to end.
The story of God’s relationship with us, and of our relationship with Him.

It's also the revelation of God's character.

It contains the "Gospel" (the good news) which is simply the truth of His character.

This truth is personified in Jesus.

I am...the truth...
— John 14:6

This is more than good news.

It's the best news imaginable.

The best truth imaginable.


God made us to live forever.
He put eternity in our hearts.
He has written for us an infinite and infinitely beautiful story.
Do we want to live that story?
Our choice.


Speaking of good news, would you like to see more?
Sure, the world is in a mess, seems to be getting worse, and we can't avoid bad news altogether.
We're also bombarded with media and messages that we know aren't healthy for us.

We can, however, choose to seek out and concentrate on the good.
I choose to do that.
It works wonders.

Below is a selection of what occupies my mind and my screen time these days.